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Do You Need Deliverance?

Our Deliverance Ministry provides you with the opportunity to break free from demonic spiritual oppression in your life. We require for you to take our free deliverance e-course before you can schedule your appointment. Once you complete the course, you will receive an email to submit your application & schedule your appointment. If you have problems accessing the course, please send us an email at

Deliverance 101

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I want to thank God for my deliverance. In 3 sessions, God has delivered me from Leviathan, lesbian, & healed my from asthma. I thank you for ministering to me, you, and your team are a blessing.- Merrylee, Canada

The healing & deliverance that I received was life changing. The uprooting of soulties, hurt, pain, molestation, and even witchcraft that I was delivered from gave me a new beginning!🙌🏼🙌🏼 The forgiveness part uprooted things in me that I didn't realize I was still angry about. After admitting I was angry and then forgiving those who caused the hurt and pain. I felt the weight of bricks coming off of me as I began to heal right in that moment. The 5 different witchcraft spirits that were casted out of me was something I had NEVER seen before!!! Each time one was cast out, I became weak from vomiting. They were ugly, stubborn, & bold. The last form of witchcraft did not want to leave. It was stubborn & eager to stay. Ms Felixia got very stern with it & did not give up until it left my body!!! The prayers of restoration for me was very heartfelt.  I recommend that everyone that needs healing & deliverance to contact Warriors Arise Intl so that you too can have a new beginning!!! Keyenna, Georgia, USA

I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for my deliverance session!! It was very eye opening and a great experience! I slept AMAZING!!! For the first time in weeks. I woke up feeling rested. I slept the entire night!!! I also was not tormented in my dreams!!! I truly slept & got rest!!! Thank you! Thank you!- Cherise, USA

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